Monday, December 13, 2010

On Feministing's "Faith and Feminism" Series

I've already spoken on this blog about what I see as's unwillingness to respectfully acknowledge feminists of faith. As such, I was intrigued to notice that the site is beginning a series called Faith & Feminism. The first post in the series is entitled "A Message to Secular Sisters," and is a list of "four common problems that come up when feminists talk about women and religion." I have seen or expressed chagrin at all four in some form, and am optimistic about the site's expression of such statements. It's not the post that bothers me, though I'd like for my religious friends to look at the list of problems and tell me their thoughts. I'm deeply troubled by the comments to the post, most of which take the opportunity to complain about what the post is not rather than appreciate it for the step forward it seeks to make. One commenter laments that atheism will likely not be acknowledged as a religion in the series, while others object to the original author's suggestion that the irrational has something to to offer us both spiritually and politically. There are also some commenters who just want respect for believers, and I'm glad they're speaking up. I haven't stepped into the fray yet myself, because I'm really disappointed in the negativity surrounding what was clearly meant to be an olive branch. Any thoughts, friends?